Heather+ Report

This webpage presents “The Heather Report” and “The Real Estate Report” data stored in a database format, and fully searchable by filling the form below and pressing “Show Results”.

1. Airports to consider (area)
 search airports within
of airport ICAO 
 search partial ICAO code:
Use _ to match 1 character and % to match any number (including none) of characters.
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2. Airport physical restrictions
...of minimum size... ft of runway (total) (2-lot:>1000m (3281ft) 3-lot:>3500m (11,483ft))
and type...Civil   Military   Water
surfaceAsphalt   Grass   Concrete   Dirt   Gravel   Water   Helipad   Coral   Oil Treated
Snow   Steel Mats
elevationbetween and (feet)
3. Script running controls
Initial sort on:Since the data is limited to a number of entries, an initial sort ensures the desired data is extracted. Columns of the results table can be sorted by clicking on their headings.
Limit data to:To control server load, data is limited to max 1000 entries. You can choose to retrieve a lesser amount though.
Return only: unbuilt airportsReturn only airports with at least 1 unbuilt lot. (This may return eg 2-lot airports with 1 unbuilt lot too)