Aardvark Optimal Multi Assignment Finder - Multi Hop

This page is used to find optimal multiple assignments for multi-hop routes - up to 10 hops (with assignments) are evaluated, although it can also include and evaluate non-paying short hops (ferry flights/deadheading) to a nearby airport too. Since it searches for the highest $ income based on any combination of assignments, it will also find best-income single jobs. It also considers booking fees (for one leg only - please see FSE manual for other issues to do with booking fees).

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1. Airports to consider (area)
airport ICAO 
consider area  Only consider the above airport
 consider local area as a starting point too (can increase success of finding highest-paying trip)
 seek out rentals of the area (centred on the above airport) for the airplane selected below
2. Airport physical restrictions
...of minimum size... ft of runway (total) Changing the aircraft (below) will fill this field in, with a suggested value.
and type... Civil  Military  Water
3. Aircraft carrying capacity/restrictions
Aircraft Enter aircraft type to pre-fill the following fields, or "other" to provide your own data.
num passengers: max Note, we only consider maximums because each job may be small, but we are considering the combination of multiple jobs.
miles per gallon Miles per gallon, which can be derived from cruise speed and gph data. Mpg is used because it is a more reliable metric of fuel consumption than gph over a variety of flying conditions.
max. zero-fuel payload kg Maximum payload after all required crew are subtracted, but not fuel
fuel reserve galls Fuel reserve - the minimum amount of fuel remaining once landed at destination airport.
fuel capacity galls Fuel capacity - used for range considerations.
variable cost $ /hour Variable cost per hour - used to determine most profitable route
average speed kts Average speed - used to determine most profitable route (along with variable cost)
additional cargo kg You can enter a value here if carrying additional cargo, eg a long-distance crated aircraft alongside regular assignments.
4. Assignment details
job type(s) Trip-Only VIP both Job types. Normally a multi-assignment trip would have multiple "Trip-only" jobs on each leg (for a large plane) or maybe one big job per leg. But its possible to also evaluate VIP jobs - if these are incorporated they cannot be stacked. Also, it creates issues pre-selecting the jobs.
for assignment style Normal (trip-only) system (black) jobs   PT (green) jobs
Express jobs?

Express  Normal   (select both for wider search).

type of job Passenger  Cargo

5. Program Controls
Num hops (max 10) Number of hops. By setting this accurately, it will find the best route for your desired number. Note, this controls the number of hops where assignments are carries, additional non-paying hops may result in the best route.
Num alternates (with assignments) to consider (max 50) Alternate routes are considered along the way in case that route is more profitable later on. These alternates are for the 2nd --> nth most profitable route, ie all legs will have at least one paying assignment.
Num non-paying alternates to consider (max 50) These alternates are airports chosen in the local area but without an assignment to them, eg a non-paying 'hop'. They will be chosen after the paying alternates above, and be the nearest n airports. The number of combined alternates can be max 50.
Choose best routes by total gross pay (whole trip)
gross profit per leg
Basis for deciding best route(s) as the program iterates through route combinations.
Run 'improve route'? don't run
run at end
run at each iteration
Run 'improve route' code, which finds assignments spanning 2 or more hops. Running it at each leg is more thorough.
FSE login details username:
Username and password, for "Autoselect" button/link.

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