Aardvark Air

Aardvark Air’s is a virtual company in the virtual world of FSEconomy. Its main operations are to offer, free to use, sophisticated search tools to augment the game world. These consist of:

  • Route Planner – a multi-assignment, multi-hop assignment search which lets you set an aircraft type and starting point; then it thoroughly searches that airport and local area to find the best assignments. Then it iterates over those assignments’ destinations to exhaustively search for the best leg 2, leg 3 etc (up to 10 iterations) and presents the top 50 routes found. A dispatch sheet is produced (including map) and the assignments can be easily selected. Uses fast NoSQL database, parallel processing and assignment caching to ensure acceptable performance.
  • Assignment Search – A custom-specified area (up to 500 airports) can be selected, then custom-criteria assignments searched for within that area. Eg “500 airports to the east of Paris, with solid runways over 4500ft length; cargo assignments under 9000kg, over $10000 payment”. These custom searches can be automated (results received by email). Also the assignment(s) can be auto-selected, eg if you have landed at an airport and want to select the next assignment meeting a criteria over $20000, but it pops up while you’re asleep, it can be selected and placed into your “My Flights” queue.
  • Aircraft Specs – a detailed search tool to find a (list of) aircraft meeting a specific criteria, based on its specs and economics.
  • Heather+ Report – The original “Heather Report” was a list of the most popular airport (by operations/month) in various areas. This extends the report by 1) including information on unbuilt lots (“Real Estate Report”) and allowing flexible searches to be done on the database.

Behind the scenes, these utilities need powerful servers – not only the main web/application server; but 2 databases (SQL and fast NoSQL) and serverless lambda function support. These are funded by generous donations from the FSE community. Please visit our Patreon page to donate.

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Patreon Page